Nau Mai Haere Mai, Welcome!

Infographic A5 image

If you click on the image on the right you will see a larger version of the diagram. The diagram is an info-graphic that explains what the logo that is being used within the school, seen in the centre of the graphic, represents and it also shows all the important things that contribute to Oranga School’s learning community, and the school’s curriculum.

The school’s vision statement is written at the top of the diagram.

“Achieving excellence as a community of life-long learners.”

This is the aspirational goal for all learners at Oranga School, both children and adults. It comes from nine years of consultation with parents, teachers and children and has been changed and simplified over the years. The vision statement forms the foundation of the school’s charter and strategic plan.

The little motto ‘E=4C’ can be seen beside the vision statement. This motto has, for the last few years, provided a quick, fun way to remember the link between the 4Cs and ‘excellence’.

Below the vision statement are the 4Cs that have been present in our curriculum for a few years now. The definitions have been developed as part of the Positive Behaviour for Learning (PB4L) project at school, and are now the key drivers for the Board of Trustee’s strategic goals for the school.

Spiralling out from the logo are the 4Cs with corresponding skills that teachers at Oranga have identified as ones that are important for children to learn and practise across all areas of the curriculum. These generic skills provide the coherence that is one of the New Zealand Curriculum’s (2007) principles: ‘The curriculum offers all students a broad education that makes links within and across learning areas’ (p.9).


Mā te wā

Diana Peri (Principal)

Oranga Primary was established in February 1949 and currently has a roll of approximately 310 year 1–6 students and has a combined staff of approximately 30. The school is set on the southern slopes of One Tree Hill with spacious park-like grounds and extensive learning resources including a library, and heated pool. The school boasts two fantastic adventure playgrounds, a school hall with stage facilities and recently modernised court and field areas.