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Here at Oranga School we strongly believe in building partnerships with our whānau. We believe that building learning-focused relationships and connections between parents, whānau, and teachers is therefore vital for each child’s ongoing learning and success.

We do this in a number of ways.


Seesaw is a platform students and teachers use to share the learning that is happening in their classroom and at our school. It is an amazing way to capture learning that has traditionally eluded the parent eye. It allows learners to capture learning in all its forms through video, voice recordings, photos and links.

We strongly encourage every parent to sign up to seesaw so that they can receive notifications when their tamariki/class makes a learning post.


At Oranga School we report to parents about their child’s progress and achievement in a variety of ways. 


These include:

  • Mid-Year Report and End of Year Report – tells you the curriculum level your child is working on in reading, writing and maths for each Year Level and if they are mastering and showing the 4C’s - Critical, Creative, Caring and Connected Learners. Click here to find out more the Reporting at Oranga School.

Maintaining an Open-Door Policy

Our open-door policy means that whānau are warmly welcomed to share in the learning journey with their tamariki.


Parent Teacher Association (PTA)

The PTA is our hardworking body of parents and teachers who keep our school shipshape! They organise fundraising and events for our community. Click here to find out more the PTA.

Road Patrol

We are always looking for parents who are willing to be involved and supervise road patrol.  If you would like to help us keep our children safe whilst crossing the busy roads, before and after school, please contact Emma Halford: e.halford@oranga.school.nz