International Students

We welcome International Students at Oranga School. Please phone us on 09 579 4189 if you have any questions.


Application Requirements and Procedures

To apply to enrol your child at Oranga School, please contact the school for an application form. The form, complete with relevant immigration documentation, recent school reports, and any English language achievements needs to be submitted to the school office.


Conditions of Acceptance

Oranga School accepts international students based on the number of places available at the time of application.


Refund Conditions

Any student who withdraws from his/her course of study before the student’s originally advised course completion date may be eligible for a partial refund of school tuition fees. An application for refund of school tuition fees must be made in writing. Parents must write to the Board of Trustees explaining why the student has withdrawn from the course and the reasons for seeking a refund. If the application is made before the start of the student’s course, school tuition fees will be refunded in full. The application fee of $250.00 will be retained to cover costs incurred by the school.

If the application is made after the start of the student’s course, but before the second half of their course, school tuition fees will be refunded less:

  • The application fee of $250.00

  • Costs to the school already incurred for tuition on a term-by-term basis.

  • Components of the fee already committed for the duration of the course, including appropriate proportions of salaries of teachers and support staff.

  • Costs already incurred for the use of facilities and resources.

  • The proportion of the Government Levy the school is required to pay.

  • Any other costs already incurred.

If the application is made after the second half of the student course, no refund will be given except in exceptional circumstances.

No refund will be given to a student who is expelled from the school by the Board of Trustees. No refund will be given to a student who has breached the terms of their contract with the school.

Any student whose immigration status changes to that of a Domestic Student during their course of study will have their unused school tuition fees refunded from the end of the school term in which their status changed.



Oranga School requires students to live with their parents or a court appointed legal guardian.


Withdrawal Procedure

If you wish to withdraw your son/daughter from Oranga School, please advise the Principal in writing at least two weeks in advance. The school refund conditions will apply in the event of any withdrawal.



Oranga School reserves the right to terminate the enrolment of any international student on the basis of continued and unexplained non-attendance. In this event the New Zealand Immigration Service will be notified.

In the case of gross misconduct and/or serious disobedience by a student, the New Zealand Ministry of Education Stand-down, Suspension, Exclusion and Expulsion Rules 1999 will be followed. These rules can be found on the Ministry of Education website at



On your son/daughter’s first day at school, they will receive an orientation to the school. This will include a tour of the school and an introduction to their class teacher and the Principal.


Grievance Procedures

If you experience any problems while your child attends Oranga School, you may arrange a meeting with your child’s classroom teacher by calling the school office and arranging an appointment. If the problem is not resolved, or it is more serious, please contact the Principal. The Principal will assist you in resolving the issue.

If the Principal is unable to assist you in resolving the issue, you may wish to contact the International Education Appeal Authority. Contact details for the Authority are:    Fax: (09) 374 5403      Ph: (09) 374 5481     Email:


Code of Practice for the Pastoral Care of International Students

Oranga School has agreed to observe and be bound by the Code of Practice for the Pastoral Care of International Students published by the Ministry of Education. Copies of the Code are available on request from the school or from the New Zealand Ministry of Education website at


Health and Travel Insurance

It is a compulsory requirement of the Code of Practice for the Pastoral Care of International Students that all international students studying in New Zealand have medical and travel insurance.  Oranga School requires students to have appropriate and current medical and travel insurance for the duration of their planned period of study.



Full details of visa and permit requirements, advice on rights to employment in New Zealand while studying, and reporting requirements are available through the New Zealand Immigration Service, and can be viewed on their website at


English Tuition

When your son/daughter starts school, he/she will be assessed to determine the level of English tuition required.


Fee Protection for International Students

The Oranga School Board of Trustess guarantees a refund of unspent fees if the school becomes unable to continue to deliver the course.


Code of Practice: Foreign Fee Paying Students

The Code of Practice for the Pastoral Care of International Students requires all schools to be signatories of the Code if they wish to have international students. If the student doesn’t receive what we say they will receive (in terms of programmes) they could request their money back. We would have to hold their fees until the end of the term in case monies need to be refunded.

The international students do place additional demands on the school and teachers, but they add a dimension to Oranga and the extra money allows us to employ one extra teacher.


Annual Review Policy for Code of Practice Information


All information given to international students must be reviewed annual under the Code of Practice for the Pastoral Care of International Students (“the Code”).


  1. The Code requires that the following information be given to international students: The school prospectus, Information about the school’s orientation programme. Grievance procedures, Withdrawal procedures, Termination procedures, Fee Protection policy, Refund conditions.

  2. An annual review of the information will be carried out in October of each year with proposed changes documented and presented to the Board of Trustees for ratification.

  3. The Board will document that the review has been undertaken and that the relevant material complies with the Code.


Process for Follow-up in the event that an International Student Ceases Attendance

  1. Attendance records for international students are referred to the Principal’s Assistant.

  2. If a student has continual unexplained absences or absences where the explanations cause concern, the Principal’s Assistant will send the student’s parents/guardian a letter and contact the student, their parents/guardian.

  3. The Principal’s Assistant will find out the reasons for the absence and the school will follow this up in the appropriate manner, including providing counselling to the student if necessary.

  4. The Principal’s Assistant will refer any relevant issues to the Principal.

  5. If poor attendance continues, a second letter will be sent to the students parents/guardian and the school may review the student’s enrolment at Oranga School.

  6. If at any stage the school has serious concern for the welfare of the student and the Principal’s Assistant is unable to contact the student’s parents/guardian or the student, the Principal’s Assistant will visit the student’s physical address to determine that the student is safe.

  7. The New Zealand Immigration Service will be notified of any student whose enrolment is terminated.


Policy for Ongoing Monitoring of Code Requirements

The Code of Practice for the Pastoral Care of International Students (“the Code”) requires that the school review its own performance to ensure compliance with the Code.


  1. To ensure that Oranga School is continuously complying with the Code.

  2. To ensure that Oranga School will be able to demonstrate ongoing compliance with the Code in the event of monitoring by the Ministry of Education.



  1. Ongoing compliance with the Code at Oranga School will be achieved by

    1. Collation and analysis of student complaints and issues by the Principal’s Assistant on a monthly basis.

    2. Reporting of academic progress through 3 Way Conferences in Terms 1 & 3, and a written report in Term 4.

    3. Meetings between the Associate Principal (or Principal’s Assistant), ESOL teachers & classroom teachers once a term to  discuss the progress (including social progress and integration).

    4. Ongoing monitoring of international student accommodation as per the school’s accommodation policy.

    5. Annual review of information given to international students as per the Annual Review Policy for Code of Practice Information.

  2. The Principal’s Assistant will ensure that there is co-ordinated record keeping of:

    1. Student grievances

    2. Academic Progress

    3. Social progress

    4. Accommodation issues

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