School Attendance Times

Your child should be on the school grounds by 8:45 am. Classes start at 9:00 am. Classes finish at 3:00 pm.

After-School Programme

The “Safe Kids in Daily Supervision” franchise operates an after-school care programme on site at Oranga School.  This is an independent programme (not administered by Oranga School staff).For details on this programme, please contact Oranga SKIDS directly:

Oranga SKIDS
Oranga Primary School,
21 Rangipawa Rd,
One Tree Hill


School Uniform

Oranga School has a compulsory student uniform which our students wear with pride. For information on uniform items and prices, please contact the school office.

School Donations

As you will know from media reports, inadequate Government funding of schools requires us to seek donations from all families attending Oranga School. These help us to cover the basic costs of providing education, as well as extra initiatives that make your child’s education more challenging.

  • The suggested annual donation for a family with one child at Oranga is $120.
  • The suggested annual donation for a family with two or more children at Oranga is $180.

Donations can be paid in instalments to suit you. Please contact the school office to make your donations, and ask for a receipt, as all donations to Oranga School are tax-deductible.

Food and Drink

In early 2005, Oranga School became one of New Zealand’s first water-only schools. Please do not give your child sweetened or fizzy drinks to bring to school. We are a part of the Milk in Schools programme and children are offered the choice of receiving a free carton of milk every school day.  For more information about the Milk in schools programme please click on the link:

Latest ERO Report

Our last ERO visit was in term 1 of 2015.  Please click on the link for our latest ERO report: