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Our Learning Environments

We are proud of our learning environments because theory and research tells us that students in these spaces develop knowledge, skills and capabilities that will guide them into their future successes. This page is aimed to provide you with a greater understanding of how and why teaching and learning is structured in the way that it is at Oranga School.

Each Learning Hub includes open areas for collaborative learning, and quiet spaces for independent learning, as well as technology, media, arts, resource and reading spaces. The flexibility of these spaces is key, therefore furniture is designed to be rearranged according to the style of learning. Research supports the theory that the design of flexible learning creates a secure and stimulating learning environment which drives innovative and imaginative teaching practice. The end result is improved levels of student engagement, leading to improved academic achievement. 

Other benefits of Flexible Learning Hubs include;

  • more frequent student to teacher interactions 

  • greater differentiation of the teaching and learning programme

  • increased collaboration: students to students, students to teachers, teachers to teachers

  • greater social development with students having the opportunity to interact with a wider group of peers

  • greater opportunity for students to work in a way and setting that best suits them


We know that the learning environment is only a tool in the hands of teachers. As Blackmore et al. (2011)⁠ conclude: “buildings on their own are not enough.” It’s what teachers do with those buildings that counts. But giving teachers the best tools to do their job as well as they possibly can is a vital first step towards creating great learning opportunities for all young people.

Block 3


We opened Block 3 at the start of Term 2, 2021. We had the privilege of our Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern opening this building with us. This space has many features to support teaching and learning such as a maker-space, multiple breakout rooms, a lego wall, peg wall, covered outdoor learning areas and two kitchens. In the centre is a fale which is used as a meeting space for students. 

Oranga School New Classroom - Tender - P

Looking at the Maker-space and some of the breakout rooms

Oranga School New Classroom - Tender - P

Looking at the Fale in the centre of the space and the jelly bean walls

Oranga School New Classroom Exterior Ren

The view of the outside from the hall


Block 2


At the end of Term 1 2021, we opened Block 2. Block 2 has multiple breakout rooms, tiered seating, kitchens, and wet areas. 

Screen Shot 2020-11-04 at 12.13.12
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