Building Projects

The New Build


Due to increased roll growth, a new Innovative Learning Environment will be added to Oranga School. The building began in August and is due to be completed mid 2021.


We are working with DLM architects who have produced these exciting sketches of what our new building will look like. 

The design of the new build looking from where the current Junior playground is


Modernisation Project


In Rooms 1-7, the carpets and vinyl will be upgraded over the Term 3 holidays. These upgrades will also include electrical upgrades, and a new roof. 

The junior block classrooms will be upgraded to create Innovative Learning Environments. We anticipate that the junior block upgrade will begin at the end of 2020 and the BOT are currently in the process of reviewing the architectual plans for this. 


Modification Project


The frontage of the junior block is being modified so that students can access the buildings with greater ease. This project began in May and is due to be completed by the end of Term 3.

The Te Moana design from the front of Room 15

The Te Moana design looking from Room 9

The stairs outside Room 9

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