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Student Leadership Opportunities

It is important for our students to be actively participate in and contribute to the life of the school. Therefore, we provide many opportunities for our students to demonstrate their leadership skills in a range of contexts.


Our Senior students are encouraged to take on additional responsibility and leadership roles that help in the running of the school. These roles include House Captains, School Librarians, Sports Monitors, Bike monitors, road patrollers.

House Captains

Our school is divided into four Houses that all students in the school are a part of.  The houses are named after four of our native trees: kowhai, Pohutukawa, Nikau and Totara. Each year we select one male and one female Year 6 student to lead these houses. Staff and students contribute to the selection process. Key characteristics that contribute to great House Captains include

  • positivity

  • role model

  • inclusive/nurturing

  • demonstrates the 4Cs - caring, critical, creative, connected

  • engaged in school life

  • encouraging

  • resilient

  • good communicator

  • reliable and punctual 

  • confident

  • able to self-manage


Some of the key responsibilities of our House Captains include;

  • Leading Excellence Assemblies

  • Organising and leading House events

  • Providing school tours for our new families

  • Thanking guests

  • Supporting with new to school children

Road Patrollers

Our Road Patrollers have a key role within the school. These children are responsible for making our three crossings safe for our students and whānau in the mornings and afternoons. At the beginning of the year they attend the road patrol training provided by our Police Community Officer to ensure they are suitably prepared.  The students in this position need to be responsible, diligent and dedicated to fulfil their role.


Our 2021 House Captains


Library Leaders

All senior students can apply to be a Library Leader.  Claire is in the library during break times, but the students are in charge, ensuring it is left tidy for the next class visit.  They help other students to return and issue books, put out games and ensure they are returned to the cupboard before the close of break. They might read a book to some of the junior students, or just make the library a welcoming place for all.  They help Claire to choose new books to order for the library, and ensure the smooth running of the library throughout the day.


Travelwise is a road safety programme developed by Auckland Transport. The Travelwise leaders work to

make school travel safer, healthier and more fun.  Auckland Transport works with the Travelwise leaders

to help them run events and promotions at school, these include wheels days, park and walk days, slow

down around school promotions, road safety week. In 2021 we were awarded Gold by Auckland Transport.  

Bike Monitors

In Year 5 and 6 children have the opportunity to be Bike Monitors. Our Bike Monitors  are responsible for the setting up and packing up our school bikes. They also trained to look for signs of wear and tear and report back to the teacher in charge. The Bike Monitors ensure all students respect and look after our bikes and support students to check their A-B-C’s (Air in the tyres, Brakes, Chain) before they ride on the bikes. 


Sport Monitors

In Year 5 and 6 students have the opportunity to be Sport Monitors. The Sports Monitors are responsible for sorting sports equipment for teachers and students. They work in the P.E. shed at morning tea and lunch times and ensure students have gear to play with. As our Sports monitors are required to complete some of their duties out of class they need to be responsible and diligent in ensuring they catch up on any work they have missed during class times.

Peer Mediators

This programme was implemented at Oranga School to empower students to resolve conflict peacefully and to and ensure our students feel safe and secure in our playgrounds. Peer mediators are taught the skills and processes to negotiate non-violent, constructive, co-operative win/win solutions to a problem.


The peer mediators actively patrol the playgrounds wearing high visibility vests to provide a service for other students as ‘peace-keepers’. They settle minor disputes in the playground.

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