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Learning Support

Oranga School supports all children in their learning. Our inclusive practices ensure that students who may have additional learning needs are given the necessary support to effectively access all areas of the curriculum

Extra support for learners may include:

  • Adapted classroom learning programmes

  • Individual education plans (IEPs) developed in collaboration with whānau

  • Access to outside support agencies

  • Specialised equipment and/or materials

  • Allocated Learning Assistant time

  • Participation in learning support programmes


Special Education Needs Coordinator (SENCo)

Laura Ferris is Associate Principal and SENco. She is responsible for the student's pastoral care and supporting teachers to deliver an inclusive curriculum.

The SENco role includes:

  • supporting teachers to track and support student learning for those who are identified as having additional learning or behavior needs that fall outside of the typical classroom parameters

  • making applications for extra support via outside agencies

  • being the key liaison between whānau, teachers, and outside support agencies

  • overseeing Individual Education Plans (IEPs)

  • delivering Professional Learning to staff

  • leading the Learning Assistant team

  • overseeing learning support programmes across the school

  • managing funding and associated budgets

  • maintaining the Oranga School learning support register.

For any additional support, please do not hesitate to make contact with Laura 

Learning Support Coordinators (LSCs)

The LSCs support the SENco to ensure that students have equitable access to learning support, this includes:

observing students in class and gathering information to make applications to outside support agencies

  • upskilling Learning Assistants to deliver quality learning support programmes

  • being a liaison between whānau and the school

  • supporting students transition to and from school

  • organising learning support meetings.


Learning Assistants

Oranga School employs a large number of staff to assist our students with additional needs while also supporting the classroom teacher. Learning Assistant roles include:

  • working with a small number of students one to one

  • working with small groups of students overseen by the classroom teacher

  • running learning support programmes

  • supporting all children in the classroom while the teacher works with students with additional needs

It is important that no child feels singled out. Our Learning Assistants ensure that students are participating in the regular classroom programmes alongside their peers. The effectiveness of all support is constantly monitored, with student and whānau voice playing a pivotal role.

Fina Havilli
Lolini Tanginoa
Catherine McEntee
Joanne Maama
Judy Steer

Public Health Nurse

 Our PHN (Public Health Nurse), spends one day a week at Oranga School, visiting children and supporting teachers. She brings her medical expertise and is able to provide support for:

  • allergy management

  • ongoing health concerns

  • hearing and vision

  • referrals to Paedeatrics

  • access to public health services

  • dental services

For a Public Health Nurse referral please contact Laura Ferris by phoning the

school office or by email.

SWIS Social Worker in Schools

Va Hunkin is our SWIS (Social Worker in Schools), she works at Oranga School 1-2 times per week and is a valuable support for the Oranga community. Some of the ways in which Va can support whānau includes:

  • advice and referrals to family support services

  • food parcels

  • advocacy for social housing and WINZ

  • referrals to Variety the children's charity

  • support for individual students e.g., mentoring, social development groups

If you have any questions or would like to be put in touch with Va, please contact Laura by phoning the school office or by email.

 Va Hunkin

Learning support programmes at Oranga School

We offer a range of learning support programmes that cater specifically to the learning needs of our students. Programmes are regularly reviewed and student progress monitored. Click on the links below to learn more about learning support programmes at Oranga

Support Services Available

We are very fortunate to have access to the following support services. For information about accessing these services contact Laura

Variety The Children's Charity
Fonterra Milk For Schools
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