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StepsWEB started at Oranga School in 2022. The programme is lead by one of our Learning Assistants and provides support for students in Years 4-6. Students chosen for the programme attend four days a week, with sessions running for 45 minutes. The programme can cater for up to 30 students who are split into small groups, no larger than eight. 

What is StepsWEB?

StepsWEB is an evidence-based structured literacy approach that supports students to develop the core skills needed for reading and spelling in a way that is effective and enjoyable! Students access StepsWEB through a mixture of online based activities and workbook activities.

How are students chosen for StepsWEB?

Students are selected for StepsWEB in conversation with whānau and teachers. Students are also able to put their own names forward if they feel that StepsWEB will be right for them. 

What happens once my child has been selected for StepsWEB?

Students are given their own license to access StepsWEB. This is a paid license that is valid for one year from purchase. The license gives students access to StepsWEB online. Students sit a placement test that places them at a level that is right for them, as students move through and achieve the different levels, their assigned tasks continue to provide just the right amount of challenge to keep motivation high. The outcome of the placement test also determines the level workbook to be purchased for each student.

How will I know if StepsWEB is working for my child?

Student progress is tracked and monitored online as well as overseen by the lead Learning Assistant. The following assessment information for each student can be accessed throughout their time on the programme:

- Amount of medals the student has achieved

- How students have been spending their time online

- Work that has been assigned/completed

- Progress towards learning goals

- Errors and areas requiring more support

More information about StepsWEB can be accessed by clicking on the logo

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