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PE and Sport at Oranga School


Luke Gibson has been at Oranga School since 2018. He has a passion in physical education and loves working with our students to support them in achieving their personal best. Luke is enthusiastic about getting students involved and engaged in sport. 

This year we have appointed Luke Gibson as our Health, PE and sports leader. We know that participating in physical activity has a positive impact on our students lives, therefore each week Luke designs fun activities and experiences for each class to participate in. Luke works with each class and their teacher to develop specific knowledge, skills, and attitudes. 

Each Friday Luke organises “Free for all Fridays” where students have access to a range of sports equipment that encourage students to create their own games and own rules. Not only does this encourage creativity but it also ensures that our students are active during their break times. 


Luke works closely alongside Sport Auckland to ensure our students have a variety of opportunities to engage in sports both in and out of school. Working with sport Auckland has given Luke the opportunity to learn how to increase engagement with PE but also encourage everyone to participate and enjoy it.

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