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Health and Safety

Arriving to and going home from school


It is parents’ responsibility to ensure that children arrive safely and are collected from school


each day at 3.00pm. We have a 40 kilometre speed limit surrounding Oranga Primary and


ask that parents be mindful of children hopping in and out of cars particularly on peak hours


of drop off and pick up.



Road Patrol


Each day from 3pm - 3.15pm we have road patrollers providing safe crossings on both


Oranga Ave and Rangipawa Rd. We also have road patrol operating on Rangipawa Rd in


the mornings from 8.30am - 8.50am. If you are crossing these roads whilst the road


patrollers are out please help us to set a good example for children and use the crossings





Walking School Bus


Walking school buses are free, parent run and operate in association with Auckland


Transport. All walking school bus routes have been hazard checked by an Auckland


Transport representative and cleared as a safe route to walk to school.


If you live nearby and are interested in either having your child join a walking school bus


and/or assisting as a parent volunteer please email: walkingschoolbus@oranga.school.nz





When parking on the roads surrounding Oranga Primary please be sure not to park illegally


on yellow lines as these are there for everyone’s safety.





There is a sick bay located behind the school office where children will be attended to if they


have an accident or become unwell while at school. Administration staff are first aid


qualified and attend refresher courses when necessary. (All of our full time teachers are


also first aid qualified). All minor incidents/ accidents will be looked after by the


administration team in the sick bay. If a child needs to be sent home due to illness parents


will be contacted or if very serious an ambulance will be called and parents contacted.



Hearing, Vision and Dental


During the year we have visits from hearing, vision and dental vans. Children are checked


periodically and parents will be advised by these medical agencies if their child requires


further attention or a followup appointment.


Protection from the Sun


During terms one and four it is compulsory for children to wear their school sunhat when


they are outdoors. Parents, we ask that you provide sunscreen for your child during these





Water Only


We ask that children only bring water to school in their drink bottles. Please do not send


your child to school with juice or fizzy drinks as it will be confiscated and sent back home.


The only exception we make to this is through the Fonterra milk in School programme where


the school provides a carton of milk for every child every day (if children would like to