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Dynamic Movement

Our Dynamic Movement programme supports students to develop and strengthen their movement abilities.

The programme incorporates aspects of the Perceptial Motor Programme (PMP) and exercises designed by physio-therapists.

Using a combination of floor and equipment exercises, students gain muscle strength and improve co-ordination, gross and fine motor skills, and communication skills in a safe and supported environment.

During the session students practise skills such as listening to instructions, taking turns, and leading the activities.

Small group numbers enable students to fully participate in activities.

Dynamic Movement runs twice a week from the school hall.

Session Structure

  1. All children remove their shoes and socks and come to the mat for warm-up stretches

  2. Warm-up stretches for 5-10 minutes.

  3. End stretches with floor exercises.

  4. Demonstrate each station to the children.

  5. Free use of stations while LA works with individual children on specific needs.

Station Set-Up














We are always in need of volunteers to help the programme run smoothly, if this sounds like an opportunity for you, contact Laura Ferris by email

Kia ora, my name is Gila.

I run Dynamic Movement with my collegue, Catherine. 

This programme supports students to develop their physical abilities.

I love motivating the students and encouraging them to give everything a go.

The programme is fun and enables students to really shine!

Hello, my name is Catherine.

I run Dynamic Movement with Gila.

We support children in activities that are targeted to strengthen and improve such skills as coordination, confidence and balance.

Our programme is fun and easy to follow.

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