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Quick 60

Quick60 is a small group intervention programme designed to accelerate student progress and achievement in Reading.

Quick60 at Oranga School is used with small groups of up to five students and is led by a trained Learning Assistant. We currently have two Learning Assistants who are qualified to run the programme. Students selected for the programme attend every day, with each session lasting up to 30 minutes. 

The skills and strategies taught include:

  • alphabetical and phonemic awareness

  • comprehension knowledge

  • reading fluency

  • retention of high-frequency words

  • understanding of language structure

  • making meaning of text.

Lessons are fast-paced and subsequent lessons are designed to build upon student knowledge. All of the Quick60 series of books are non-fiction so that they appeal to all ages and can be related to everyday life.

A typical Quick60 lesson has seven components that students work through:

  • quick quiz

  • new word

  • quick read

  • quick check

  • quick write

  • new skill

  • new book

The role of the Learning Assistant is to:

  • assess students to determine appropriate reading levels

  • maintain records of attendance and progress

  • deliver the lesson as prescribed

  • regularly review lessons to gauge student engagement and progress

  • identify next learning steps for individual students.

For more information on Quick60 click on the image below

Lolini is one of our Learning Assistants who runs Quick60 at Oranga School.

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