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Wānanga Day

At Oranga School, we want our students to experience the easiest and smoothest transition to their new year level and new teacher.

On Monday 3rd February, we will be having our first Wānanga Day. 

What is this?

It is a 15 minute slot on the first day of school where you can come and meet the teacher with your child.

There will be slots available from 8:00am to 4:45pm. 

You might like to discuss your child's interests, strengths and struggles. It is an opportunity for you to discuss your aspirations for your child. It is a goal setting opportunity and it will replace the goal setting evening that we have traditionally held early in the year. You might like to bring an artefact or taonga that is special to your family to discuss it. Teachers might also like to share a little about themselves. It is an opportunity for families to tell their child's teacher anything that they think he/she should know about their family or child. 

We believe that through strengthening the relationship between home and school, your child will be more confident and successful in their learning environment. When booking your wānanga time, you will be able to book into a classroom. There will not be a teaher allocated to that classroom at thiat time. More information about how to do this will be available in the coming weeks. 

Please note: Classrooms will not be functioning on this day but school is open. Your child will be recorded as absent should they not attend the wānanga. You will need to bring your child to the meeting and take them home afterwards. Tea, coffee and biscuits will be available in the staffroom straight after your wānanga time for your to informally meet the senior leadership team, provide feedback on your experience or share anything else you would like to. 

Classes will begin on Tuesday 4th February. 

Instructions for booking your Wānanga Day appointment.


Bookings are in 15 minute blocks between 8.00am and 4.45pm.  Bookings can be made online.        


Bookings will be open on Monday 16 December and will remain open over the Summer holidays.