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From Term 2 Wednesday 15 April, teachers will provide their students with online learning opportunities. Distance Learning at Oranga School ensures learners and whānau wellbeing comes first. We aim to provide students with a range of learning opportunities.  

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In a typical day your child's learning will be split into thirds;


Daily 30 minute opportunities to connect, reflect, share and discuss on Zoom.




Engage in learning designed by the teachers both online and offline



Completing hands-on challenges, and real life opportunities

To discover the weekly Distance Learning consolidating plans for your child/ren, click here.

Click here to discover other opportunities that are available for your child/ren. You can also complete the daily challenges that will be posted on Facebook. We have also created Youtube channel where we will be posting videos. 

Online tools for Distance Learning 

This link provides information on how to support your child to maximise the effectiveness of distance learning.

Digital Citizenship

Your child will be online more regularly during distance learning so it is important that children understand how to be safe online. We encourage you to discuss this with your child/ren at home.

Student User Agreement - for parents

Student User Agreement - for students

We have reviewed and modified these agreements for parents and students. These describe expectations and culture around the use of digital technologies and how these are to be used in our school. The agreement is an important component in building a culture of safe and responsible technology use for staff, students, parents/whānau and volunteers.

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