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Learning at Home

These activities are to help you support your child with their learning at home. We are looking to help our students maintain their learning during this time. 


We do not expect learning at home to be from 9-3. Just a couple of hours of these kinds of activities would make a difference to your child’s learning. We value the day to day things you do with your children and it is important to remember that this is very powerful learning.

We use Seesaw to communicate with students and whānau. Seesaw allows you to see work that your child posts throughout the day. Please email your child’s teacher for information about how to login to Seesaw. Staff contact details are available here.


It is important to make time with your family to plan this time you will have together. Here are some questions you could use to ​guide you in this journey.

  • What kind of family do you want to be?

  • How will you use this time to learn to get along better together?

  • How can you navigate the likely extra stress factors together and what other help do you need to help you all work through issues?

  • How can your family think about others and help others through this difficult time?

  • How will you celebrate little and big successes in your family? Eg having a good attitude, playing nicely with your sister, completing a task, growing in any way

  • How will you foster a love of reading and stories in this time? Have family reading times. There will be plenty of online resources for "Read Alouds" and audio books

  • How will you foster meaningful opportunities for writing? Shopping lists, letters to grandparents (fun to have a scrapbook and take photocopies of the letter sent and glue in the response received), an online blog or written diary. Letter scrapbooks and diaries are great to look back on in the future)

  • How will you foster meaningful opportunities for maths? Measuring through baking, counting, board games and card games are often useful


  • Set up a routine with your child for learning at home. Think about when your child will complete learning tasks, have lunch and have some free time.

  • Set expectations for children while they are working online to keep them safe and on task. Check out Netsafe for ways to keep children safe online. Consider what will happen if these expectations are not followed. 

  • Find a balance between screen time and other activities.

  • Enjoy time together and also make sure everyone has time to themselves as well



  • Learn how to sew buttons

  • Learn about how to wash your hands and how to blow your nose

  • Learn how to tie your shoelaces

  • Race to see how quickly you can tie your laces

  • Make a meal for your family

  • Plan the meals for a week

  • Fold and sort washing

  • Tidy your room

  • Redesign your room layout

  • Bake something for your family

  • Start a vege garden

  • Build something

  • Make your bed with hospital corners

  • Learn how to change a tyre

  • Learn how to check oil and water in a car

  • Change your hairstyle 5 times in one day

  • Create your own dance to your favourite song

  • Learn to skip

  • Have skip races

  • Build huts

  • Climb trees

  • Go on bush walks

  • Walk your dog

  • Learn to look after your animals

  • Play catching and throwing games

  • Learn how to do a handstand - see how long you can hold it

  • Learn how to do a headstand - see how long you can hold it

  • Learn how to do a cartwheel

  • Try yoga

  • Play hopscotch

  • Draw pictures on the concrete

  • See how many goals you can get in 2 minutes

  • Learn to juggle

  • See how many juggles you can do with a ball and tennis racket

  • See how many times you can juggle a soccer ball

  • Dribble a ball through cones

  • Learn to spin a ball on your finger


Epic! is the Leading Digital Library for Kids 12 & Under


A kid-safe, ad-free streaming library of read-aloud animated storybooks. You can access this site for 1 month for free

Sunshine online

Ebooks and interactive activities that focus on phonics, comprehension, fluency, spelling and writing

Phonics Play

Decodable Comics that follow the teaching sequence of Letters and Sounds

Spelling city

Spelling support for students

Kiwikids News

News as well written for younger students

National Geographic Kids

A fact-filled, fast-paced magazine created especially for ages 6 and up.

Typing Club

A fact-filled, fast-paced magazine created especially for ages 6 and up.

Other Reading & Writing Ideas

  • Write a daily journal

  • Write letters or emails to Grandparents, classmates or teachers

  • Design a fancy menu for your family

  • Read and follow a menu

  • Read books

  • Write a picture book

  • Write a chapter book

  • Do crosswords or word finds

  • Create crosswords or word finds

  • Write lyrics to your own song or rap


Personalised maths and spelling practice that students love

Addition games

First list item. Add your own content here or connect to data from your collection.

Subtraction games

First list item. Add your own content here or connect to data from your collection.

Division games

A selection of games to choose from that support students to learn to use division

Multiplication Games

A selection of games to choose from that support students to learn their times tables


Students can create their own interactive stories, games, and animations

Basic facts

Practice your basic facts

Other Maths Ideas

  • Complete puzzles

  • Build something with set dimensions with blocks (like 3m by 2m)

  • Cook a meal

  • Compare the height of your family members

  • Design and sew your own flag that is 40cm by 50cm

  • Make a paper plate clock

  • Guess the weight of different items

  • Hopscotch math - make a hopscotch and add as you jump

  • Pizza fractions - cut food into different fractions

  • Survey your family and graph the results